Friday, November 7, 2014

Jake Parkour REDUX

Today, we hosted artist Jake Parker for a workshop down at UVU, and it was so much fun! You'll remember Jake Parker from this post approximately 250 days ago (according to Google). I didn't censor any words this time [Liar! - Ed], though. These notes are mostly for me, so they might be slightly confusing, but if you get something out of it, then GOOD.

This last one has no notes, just scribbles.

Thanks for coming, Jake! Hopefully we'll get to see you again soon!


  1. It's so fun to read your notes! They're inspirational indeed. Here are my favorite tid bits:

    Students- act like you’re working in your field.
    Amateurs see their career as so far off it’s unattainable.
    Waiting for the right time is weakness and fear.

    Yup. I agree with all those things. Let's remember those things in the next few months.

    P.S. Last guy has a gorgeous shade of red on his lips. Don't think I didn't notice!

  2. I also like what he said about having big dreams and getting a mentor. I'd like to work on that too, with your permission. And that red? It was an accident. I couldn't get the shape of his mouth right so I scribbled all over. But he did turn out quite lovely, I do agree.