Thursday, December 18, 2014

Finished a Sketchbook! (2 Months)

Yeah, I got married last month! That's why it took two months. It was too dern busy! As an aside, Kaitlin designed and made her own dress. If you're curious, you can take a look over at her blog:

But yes! I just pulled these from the sketchbook stuff I did today. I'm actually not going to buy another one yet! That way I have no choice but to spend my art time painting one of these older things and practice that. Darn it! But Kaitlin pointed out that if I have a sketchbook I'll use it as a crutch and not force myself to do hard things, like paint everything. Okay!
Since the semester is also over today, I'm going to try to take a break and play some Dark Souls, since they finally removed Games for Windows Live and fixed it. My plans are to go through from scratch and get all the achievements on Steam. That'll take awhile, though. 
I'm outta heah!


  1. The middle picture is my favorite, the giant eyes on the side of their heads are SO good! I love the light in them and all the detail. Zach, more detail!! You do it so well when you put effort into it. I'm sorry to be a naggy wife but I just want you to meet your potential. And I like the guy in the middle of the middle picture. His mouth is shriveled and I think that's endearing.

    And thanks for posting my blog and promoting me. You're a dandy.

    1. I know! They turned out so fun, I don't know where it came from! They're like frog cosplayers! And yes, I'll strive to be a good detailer and finish stuff. You know, what I always say ;).
      And I like doing old-man mouths, I think they're silly.

      And obviously I'll promote your blog. You're the best.