Thursday, December 11, 2014

Now All That's Left Are Finals

Finals are next week. Almost done with the semester!
Here's some things I did today.

That Hot Dawg guy I actually did a few days ago but I kept forgetting to scan him til today.

I think this paladin has some potential. I might try to finish it (I know, I know. I say that quite frequently)


  1. The spaceman in the first picture looks like he is very distressed. Did HAL just kill all his comrades and try to abandon him out in space? Did he sing a lovely rendition of "Daisy Daisy"? I like that guy, he has a story I think. I also like the funny little demon who's never heard of a hot dog before. Did he like it?! Is it his new favorite dish??

    1. He's cool.
      I actually did think of our experience with 2001 while I drew it and how much I wanted to love it and was left perplexed and sad. And that demon? I'm sure he loved that hot dog. I know I do.