Monday, December 8, 2014

Yurr-An: INTERNET, etc.

I think Yur-An is a silly word.
Anyway, I just got the internet up, so here's a buncha stuff:

Just shooting a gat

A dinosaur creature brandishing a fearsome knife that probably won't fit into the sheath at his waist

This guy is a demon king! He has a crown of flames which I totally stole from Egyptian artwork like this. Hopefully that link works. It does, I just checked it.

Just an attempt at taking something a little bit further towards completion.

Some cranky people. The guy on the right holding the case with the warning sticker? That was inspired by my silhouette. I was standing at the train station holding all of my junk and I looked down at my shadow and it was really cool so I tried to remember it as best I could and recreate it when I sat down on the train.

A guy whose arms can attach, it's magnets or something. He'd be cool with knives cuz he could shoot his arms out and cut you. For some reason, I gave him pistols. Then there's a guy with a weird head and hand who's about to cut you open and some demon guy with a crazy sword.

Then some more stuff. Okay!

So yeah, that's all I have going on right now.
I just remembered I still forgot to post that one guy I promised you I'd post a couple posts back. I'll have that up later today, I hope. I gotta go finish a final now, take care of finances and do the rest of the stupid stuff on my list.
Oh, and I don't know if I've shared this song with you before, but it came up on my old iPod. It's a fav from a fav band, and it's not even too scary. Gekkou, by MUCC. That chorus!


  1. You make your fashion designing wife proud when you play with textures and fabrics. The 4th guy down has some pretty good lookin fur. And by good looking I mean nappy. But I doubt you were going for the expensive, aristocratic fur. This guy is ready for battle, not a cocktail party.

    1. Yeah, he's from the Northern Wastes, it's like the North Pole but full of monsters and tough guys. There's all sorts of blood and gibs matted into his fur.