Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Moving On (BONUS)

I really am coloring something. My wife is helping me pick colors for all the dapper threads the character is wearing. It's just kinda time consuming. BUT!
Here's some sketches from the week so far. Maybe I'll have something colored by Sunday?
I also have my Summer Goals set up, I'll probably fill y'all in on those Sunday as well.

I tried to be a little more detailed and thought out this week.

First up I've got a nude freakish guy, a guy with dumb hair but a cool knife, a floating head, and a lovable brute.

Then I've got a guy wearing a battle exoskeleton with a spike he uses for combat, a guy with a fish chainsaw sword, a robot with a floating head, a guy with a pointy hat and a stack of faces.


  1. They guy with the crazy hair in the middle: nice textured pants! I want to color him too! He's next. Let's finish coloring the well dressed baldie this weekend. Good job, Zachary!

    1. Thank you! We can color him. We have a lot to color this weekend. Oh me oh my.