Sunday, August 17, 2014

Game Over: Summer Goals Recap Week the Fifteenth (15th), Debriefing

I'm callin' it good. We're done here. Summer Goals were created to give me some things to work on for artistic improvement. I did work on some things, and drew lots n lots. Here, I multiplied the number of goals per week (three) by the total number of weeks I kept track of summer goals (fifteen). That's forty-five. I then totaled up the number of times I did one of my goals for the week. I counted up and got fourteen.



Is it really that bad? Wow. Hahaha! Whatever, I ended up with some portfolio piece(s), it turned out well.


School starts on the 25th, there's gonna be a lot to do!
Here are some sketches from tha sketchbewk, might be fun to take these to a more finished state when I get a second


  1. I'm partial to the second picture, the boxer guy. The one without a shirt... he's got a nice face! I like his hair too. I used to give my fashion illustrations that kind of nose. He looks a little like an animorph. Remember those books? But I can't decide what animal yet. Point is: I like him. Excited to see what you're working on today!

    1. Well get ready. It won't be long now! And you should do more drawrings with fun noses!

  2. Hey the guy in the second picture stole my nose!