Sunday, July 12, 2015

"Buttth of July?" What on Earth (SUMMER '15 #6)

I took the title from one of the images here, where I'd labeled the date as something that's not even real, exactly.
Hi! Sorry about the lack of posts. I finished a sketchbook, and am working on my 3D stuff! A lot of it is kinda boring but necessary stuff about  the interface, etc. I'm hoping that things pick up here, because...

I didn't buy a new sketchbook.

That means I don't have anything to draw on except loose sheets of printer paper! I'm doing this because I always get distracted by sketching new sketches and I don't finish anything! So yeah.

I tried to polish a thing I showed y'all last time (you can click here if you're too lazy to scroll to the preceding post[also, I like the sword arm in the original sketch more, hmm. Might try to fix]). I fulfilled on of my summer goals by trying to use reference for some of the drapery and the shinies on his armor:

Obviously, it's not super colored or rendered and some of the areas are a bit hot, but it's something, right? I took a sketch and pushed it a bit further. I'm also concerned his bottom half is way too boring and junk. My wife made the pattern for his drapery, by the way.

I've also modified my goals slightly. I want to build some assets for games RIGHT NOW (portfolio, etc) so I think I'm going to build some weapons or sets for DOTA. While I don't know that my 3D is strong enough to do all that that entails right now, I sketched out a prop and painted it (I want to start putting it together this week):

The sketch:

Here's the last bits of my sketchbook:

I did these next three clowns on printer paper during church today (I was listening, I swear). Yes, my congregation looks like this.

So there. Sorry for the lack of updates. The nature of the 3D stuff I'm doing right now means I'm learning a lot of essential skills, but I haven't quite figure out how to apply those in a way I can show you. I do have a pig I'm putting together as I go, maybe you'll get to see it soon.

Okay, it's time for bed! I'd love to post again soon. Have a good week, everyone.


  1. Nice work, Zag rag! I'm very happy you finished that bearded man. But I have some critique! Unless you did it on purpose, his legs appear too short. That or his arms are too long. Either way, it's not quite right. But his beard is flowy and fun and I like your villainous sword. Keep at it, you hunk-a-balloo!

    1. Thank you, thank you. I think that since I didn't stick to the original, awesome arm armor, everything else fell apart. His bottom half is just way too boring compared to his top half. I'd like to go fix it, so maybe I will. Maybe I'll really finish it and add a background and everything.

  2. I am always amazed by the folks you go to church with!
    Nice work, Son!

    1. Thanks, Ma! Even though the characters still float around without environments?