Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cranquee (SUMMER '15 #9)

Well, uh...

I'm feeling a bit burned out. I haven't done Zbrush for a couple days because I jumped gung-ho into modeling my sword from a few days ago... I ran into a problem because midway through, I realized that the version of Maya I'm running is the student version and I'm not supposed to make anything commercial with it. So I have to learn Blender now. I really just need to add some edge loops to the dang thing so when I move it to Zbrush and subdivide it up to ten bazillion polygons it maintains the sharpness along the blade, but apparently Blender has a completely different interface and control system (I read somewhere that anybody who thinks Blender is "Maya for Free" is setting themselves up to be disappointed). I will learn it. I must. But that sets things back and confuses things. I haven't posted for a while, so I'll just post what I have for you today (It took me half an hour to figure out how to properly render out what I've uploaded here). There's nothing in color, unfortunately, but I hope I can make that up to you with a post full of love, instead.

The story behind the text at the top of this one is as follows.
Kaitlin and I were sitting in church and her young niece Amelia was sitting with us. Kaitlin is very supportive of my artistic endeavors (you'll notice she's basically the only human who comments on these posts) but doesn't quite understand my fascination with monsters and chaos and gibs. She asked Amelia, "Are those scary monsters?" to which Amelia gave the hilarious reply "I think he's just a really good artist!" So there you have it. I get to keep drawing hideous aberrations in church.

And my sword so far. 


  1. Ha! I love what Amelia said later too. "I think he's just about the best artist I've ever known." So wistful and serious. You ARE the best! But sometimes your sketches are too unsettling for me. However, I really love the bottom two in that middle picture. And I like that you went over it all in pen, that did a lot for them.

    Keep teaching yourself, Zacher! You'll be a professional artist before you know it!

    1. Wife of mine, I consider myself professional. I have to, right? I just have to believe and then it's real. And don't be unsettled! It's not real, none of it! Right? And yes, I'm glad I have a huge fan in Amelia. I'm sorry I didn't draw her a mermaid, but I just wasn't feeling it at the time.

  2. I do too comment on your blog! Keep up the good work son! Woo Hoo!

    I also think Amelia is a scream. It's amusing how Zach has this little coterie of young admirers!

    1. Ah! I said she was BASICALLY the only human. Sometimes my mother and father comment. I'm really surprised that nobody else says anything. But yeah, Amelia is pretty wild. I have to get them addicted to my art when they're young.
      And I will keep up the good work! I was telling Kaitlin yesterday that I figured out how to crease the sides of polygroups in Zbrush so the edge quality wouldn't be compromised when subdividing. Hard surface modeling is sweet! Now I just need to do some texture maps, paint them, and figure out how to use the node system in Blender so I can bake the hipoly down.