Monday, February 4, 2013


Hence the lovely white images. And massive file size. I get lazy and try to cram as much stuff as I can into one scanned page, resulting in weird layouts and missing sketches, but I didn't have enough stuff today to warrant another full page. So you get this. 
Oh, and P.S.: The price of this particular scanner is like $340. So yeah, out of my price range. Any wealthy fans care to contribute a scanner? 


  1. YOU SLOOT! I JUST FOUND YOUR BLO!. I THOUGHT YOU HAD A DIFFERENT ONE! DAAAAAAAN YOU! EVERY PERSON IN THIS FAMILY KNEW ABOUT this BLOG BUT ME! Uh uh uh uhhhhhhhh!!!! Glad you posted the link of Metcalf's FB so I could find it. Your drawings are AMAZING, brother. Then again, they always have been. Keep posting. Kee? Mmmmtheenks, Mmmmloves. Mmmmmbee!