Friday, October 18, 2013

It's late and I'm tired.

 This next one has a guy saying "Action." Or maybe his shoulder is saying that. I want to use the guy in the banner for the website, we're due for an update, aren't we?

I've been listening to my favorite band Protest the Hero's new CD, Volition. It was supposed to release on the 29th, but it leaked on the 16th and the band sent everybody who helped fund the CD on indiegogo an e-mail with download links saying that since the CD leaked they'd rather have everyone listening to the best quality. There's some good stuff, but the last track on the album, "Skies" is totally amazing. The first time I heard the chorus (which is weird for Protest; their songwriting is bizarre and typically chorus-less) I was blown away. Great song, great album. Favorite band. Nice work, guys. The song isn't about a hideous orc-looking mutant, but I was listening to Skies as I drew it and it subconsciously got onto the paper.

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