Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I thought I'd be feeling better today, and I sort of do, I just have a horrendous headache and I can't remember when I last took advil and I've been givin the ol liver a run for her money and out of love for my dear, dear liver I'm abstaining from stuff again until tonight (when I'll try [prolly unsuccessfully, once again] to sleep).

So yeah, I'm saying I didn't do 15 minute stuff. Maybe I will tonight! Leave me alone! You guys, my head really, really hurts, and my eyes hurt and my throat hurts and my kneecaps ache and throb. Be nice!

Adam, you created a monster when you taught us how to make custom brushes last Thursday. I have every intention of abusing this knowledge (think Papyrus, Comic Sans, and Jokerman font!).
I made a stupid brush that says "BLAM" a lot. Ha! I think it's funny.

EDIT: I forgot to say... I posted something every day in the month of September! This is a first for me! Sometimes the number of posts equaled the number of days, but it's because I did extras. I really truly did it! But did I have anything meaningful to say? Ha!

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