Thursday, October 17, 2013

Perspective and fan art. LOL!

First up I got a sand worm from ARRAKIS! Joking, but not really. Then there's like a door to the dungeon. Reminds me of the entrance to The Depths in Dark Souls. Again, I'm doing tons more perspective noodling but I'm scared to upload... It's hard for me to get.
Next up we got a team of guys, just preparing to mess some bad guys up.
 Next it's some Hayao Miyazaki fan art with No Face. Ha! And a guy wearing a snapping turtle helmet. Turtles have shells, so their defensive value is high. So make equipment look like turtles. No Face doesn't give out gold nuggets in my fan art, he just gives out bombs and entire gold bars. So yeah, that would be nice. Can I also say how hard it is for me not to draw bullet casings pouring out of that gun? Any time I draw a gun, I feel obligated to have shells flying everywhere. Even if the character is reloading, shooting a revolver or not shooting at all. I read Kohta Hirano's Hellsing in high school and combined with Yasuhiro Nightow's Trigun (my favorite comic ever, if I haven't mentioned that here) I was a bullet happy little boy. Lastly, if you read the word "Trigun" and thought, "Yeah, I love that anime!" do yourself a favor and read Trigun and Trigun Maximum. The anime cannot even begin to hold a candle to the comic. Seriously. Anime is wicked boring. Comic talks about wave phasing, deep space travel and other cool sci-fi garbage.


  1. These drawings are ALMOST as good as mine (whoops! arm gesture).

    1. Hey, I recognized the Hayao Miyazaki fan art! I actually knew what you were referring to. I believe No Face would hand me bars of gold if I asked. But I have no reason to ask. And another thing: No Face would not use the word "butt" and he certainly would not refer to his sibling as a "butt." I know this to be true. I know No Face. No Face is my friend. And you are not No Face!

    2. You're lying! You'd take the gold bars! And yes, I'm sorry for calling my sister a "butt." Even if she deserved it! I know no No Face who wouldn't have not done the same thing!

  2. Trigun is your favorite? Umm, those are the ones I shredded for litter for the Pig! Sorry!