Thursday, October 24, 2013

Welcome to the Circus of VALUEEEEEE

Playing with hard form and soft form. I really like the blue guy and the punching guy. It says "Hadrian's Wall" because I was taking notes in art history, and that was something I wanted to look at. And I guess I didn't erase it? The bottom picture feels a little soft around the edges. Those dern edges. I do like the robot on the bottom in the center, though.
I'm tired, going to bed. 


  1. Someone who looks like one of those beings in the bottom picture tried to sell me a sports car once. I didn't bite. He frightened me and I was certain he wanted my money and my soul. So I didn't sign the contract. I bought a Hyundai instead. It doesn't drive as fast, but I am still here.

    1. The question is this: if he had wanted either your money or your soul (but not both) would you have bought the sports car?

  2. No. You give one, he'll eventually get the other.