Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Here's why I didn't post yesterday.

I got up at 6 and went on a run with my roommate through the snow. It was cold. Then, I went to work. We had a work meeting at 5, and I got off work at 3, so I just stuck around. I had my sketchbook with me but I was lazy and read my book instead (Curse you, Steve King!). Then, I went to my parents house and they fed me (they're the best!). Then, I met up with some friends. I got home around 9:30 and read my book until I turned the light out at 10:48 (Curse you, Steve King!).
It's not a good excuse, I guess, because I've posted later than that before, but I haven't been sleeping well (Curse you, Steve King? Not really, it's not fear keeping me awake). And today, My graphics tablet wasn't detecting pressure at all and was just dumping color all over everything despite my requests for subtlety. I'm too lazy to fix it right now. So here's something. I have more (an entire page! An awesome one, as I recall!) but I somehow forgot to scan it. I might get around to it later, but it's my roommates birthday today and we'll be eating cake (Curse you, roommate!). And Finals are next week.

OH! And by the way! My month-and-a-few-day wait on the waitlist for my last class is paying off! I've gone from 4th to 2nd place! Wish me luck.

Okay, I really need to go scan that other picture, but...
Curse you, Steve King!


  1. Steven King! Are you reading The Shining? Zach! Put it down and walk away, I know what that story does to you. No wonder redrum was your color of choice for the day.

    1. Aieee! It's secret, and I can't stop! But it's not The Shining!