Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's snowing and cold and my fingers are numb :(

I haven't really had much to say on my last few posts. Sorry! I'm busy doing stuff. It's snowing here and I thought I would like it and I kind of do but I need to go buy food before I starve to death but I don't trust the other drivers in the snow. So I'm sitting here freezing and sketching. Most of these people have crazy hair. It's because I don't really know how hair works, I suppose. So I just kinda throw hair all over their heads. It's crazy.
School is wrapping up. My art history class is kind of slow right now. I'm doing a sculpture I like in my 3D class. I might post a picture when I finish. But probably not? Next semester is looking to be stupid. I've been 4th in line on the waitlist for a class for over a month. At this rate I'll never graduate. I can't seem to get into any required classes and it enrages me. And I just found out there's a paper due Thursday in my Art History class. So much for being slow.

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