Thursday, March 6, 2014

Freakin' P.I.S.T

People I Saw Today, THUSFAR:

My teacher in my first class. He kept flying all over the classroom so I drew the girl in the the bottom left.

Then I had rotten luck. I started drawing the guy on the left. He was awesome. Then he moved. I started drawing the guy in the middle. He was okay. Then he moved. Then I drew the guy on the right, so he didn't go anywhere. I drew him.

Twice. I drew him twice. And his cohorts. It's apparent to me that I'm having issues keeping various body parts proportionate. His face is messed up. This is why we practice! Whatever.

This ended well. He actually looks like the guy I was drawing. It's a miracle. I improved. As a reward I'll buy myself a quart of ice cream and eat it (but in my mind only. Just imaginary.). His computer didn't really say "FART," but I couldn't see what it really said and I just wrote the first thing that came into my mind. Typical.


  1. The guy in the second picture down on the right looks great! I like his round little tush. His cheekbone looks a little bit like he does heroin but... who's to say? I'm not judging. As my wise BF likes to say, different strokes for different folks, ya know!?

    But really, these look so good!

    1. Thank you! I'll keep doing it. Maybe.