Thursday, October 16, 2014

2 Days in a Row!?

It's true.

Still feeling kind of sick. It's silly to me that these last two days I've been sick I've gotten more done than had I been in class. School's great, it just gets in the way of my education sometimes.

I have to go do some other homework, so I'll just leave these here...

Was just tinkering with this thing from yesterday:


  1. First guy has cool eyes!! I like his little pea head. Haha! And the last guy makes me laugh because it looks like he has buck teeth. He's so sinister AND silly!

    1. Yes! Never really scary, always a bit silly. I think that's fun. And I'm glad you like that first guy. I'd like to go back through and add some visual interest to his outfit, it's kind of bland at the moment.