Saturday, October 18, 2014

9/18 - 10/18: One Month Sketchbook!

I did it! The sketchbook I started on the 18th of September? I finished it today! I know you all didn't get to see as much as normal over the course of the last one, but trust me. It was for the best! I got a lot done, made many (good) mistakes. I feel like I grew so much during the last month. I just need to do paintings and 3D. Oh, and homework. Whoops! I think part of the reason I got sick this last week was from stress. I was so focused on my own artistic pursuits that I was neglecting important [?] school assignments. So everything kinda happened this last week and I couldn't take it and my body just decided we were done. 
I'm feeling more gooder today, but I'm not quite back to 100%. Anyway, here's some stuff from the last few pages. I'll also make my typical comment that I'd like to go back through and finish some of these, blah blah blah.

EDIT: How many times did I say "Last" on this post? Redundancy? Where is my editor? Anyway, I'm not changing it... Enjoy

Not sure what's going on with the guy on the right's torso, but I like his left arm (HIS left!).


  1. I love this post! I'm so excited when you recognize your own growth and that all your freakish dedication is paying off. Life has been beyond stressful these last few weeks, but you're coping with it well. We'll get through this and live to see more placid days, I think.

    I love the last guy. His coat collar is mysterious and his hair tells me that he's really cool and popular. Especially because he's smoking. Only cool people smoke.

    1. I think something that's almost as exciting as watching growth happen is feeling my desire to do art increase. It seems like every couple months I look back and think, "Man, I just wasn't as serious about this back then." It's only been a matter of DAYS, but I have this insatiable desire for improvement that's just as sweet as the actual fruits of hard work.
      And yeah! Smoking is cool. It makes you cool, people who are seen with you are cooler, the world is cooler. There. Are. No. Negative. Side. Effects. I don't smoke, personally. But yaknow.