Saturday, October 25, 2014

Good Morning!

Just kidding, it's 4:10 on a Saturday. I want to render some of these further, but it's kind of scary, so I'm going to wait til I have more time. I don't now, cuz my fiance and I are going to a barbecue. I'm super excited to see her!!!

I guess I should just post when it's done? I don't know, it will never be finished. 
Hmm, I think I'm avoiding it cuz it's hard. I really like how these sketches turned out and I don't want to ruin it with a bad rendering/painting over the top.
I'm gonna keep working this and see what I can do.


But still look at them right now:

Some warrior guys. 

An alien with a big alien laser rifle. You will be proud to hear I used some reference for the scope. 

A disgusting mutant. This is the sort of thing you blow into gibs in Quake.

So this week I was sitting on the ground while I waited for the bus... And I drew what was there. Kinda reminded me of Ryan Ottley's POV stuff. I looked up and saw the bus and almost fell over cuz my leg had fallen asleep. 

Some random tough guys


  1. WAY cool perspective of you drawing!! I like that kind of thing. And your faces at the end are totally awesome, too. I know you wish I would have more constructive things to say but I can't think of a thing except that you are so talented and I love you a lot. And I love your post below and I commented on it days ago but I guess it never posted? Bummerrrrrrr.

    P.S. The BBQ at your neighbor's was fun! And Edward Scissorhands was kind of a downer but I really liked watching it with you. It was a good night.

    1. Yeah, you have to keep on eye on Blogger. I always copy what I'm about to paste, just in case it disappears when I post it (like what just happened, btw). And I'm glad you like it! I love you too! But we're probably not watching Edward Scissorhands ever again. Until we forget the pain