Sunday, October 5, 2014

Red? Ask Me When I'm Not Asleep

Oh me, oh my.
It's gonna be a busy week. I have some homework to do, and it's kind of getting jammed into the little corners so I can try other things. Things like this:

Original Sketch:

MOM! I know you're peeved about his feet, cuz they're all little and tiny, but I was thinking he's like a crab guy, y'know? He has red armor and crab feet. So that's how I justify away the need to draw detailed feet. I feel like I lost some visual interest in the leg area from the sketch to the final (is it done? I have too much to do!), but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

A little update on the guy from last time, I think I might call it good unless I wake up tomorrow and absolutely have to fix something when I see it again (I'm looking away right now to make sure it doesn't happen):

A little thing. I drew a ton of stuff this weekend, and have so many ideas I'd like to push a little further lying all over my desktop. I tell myself I'm going to paint everything, but really, none of it's homework and I don't have time. So here's a pen n ink thing, but not Inktober. Just normal. So some brawler is going to brawl an opponent into submission and the ghost of his dead master hath appeared to guide him toward certain victory:

I have to finish my Gallery of Terror piece. My Flash assignments are killing me. I'm going in early tomorrow to sink three or four hours into my midterm, but I'd really like to work on some 3D stuff. I look at objects and take them apart in my mind, using Maya to reconstruct them into shapes. What tool would I use to get the curved edges? Where would I extrude? Would this work better to build from a single polygonal primitive, or should I start with several and combine them further down the line? I need to do that tomorrow night. I also need to re-teach myself how to UV a model. The default tools just aren't utilizing space effectively. Maybe I'll skip art history? Ugh!


  1. Totally cool, Zag Rag! I only wish the ghost of your dead master would appear to guide you toward certain victory. Never mind. You don't need him! We'll victorize you on our own. Look at all these awesome illustrations!! You're totes on your way there!

    1. I have no master! If I could be my own master... That would be nice. But thank you!