Sunday, April 19, 2015

I May Have Fibbed

Yeah, no color here today. I would spend some time trying to map out some basic color stuff but I have other school related art projects due this week. It's the last week of school, the following week is Finals Week, then Summer school starts! Joy. Actually it won't be so bad, I'm just taking one figure drawing class for the first half of the Summer. That should be fun. And then I have some goals I'm still trying to put together so I can be productive. In the last few weeks I've felt that old fire kindling again, a sickening desire to improve. Which is  nice because I really need to finish something! I haven't posted a finished(ish) painting for months now... But I think it's improvement that only two people here are facing to the right. One is also facing left. That's great news!


  1. Pigeon toed demon is pretty sharp! I like his jacket, the snaps are a good touch. Is he going to a job interview? I bet he'll win it. All the other ghouls and goblins respect him because he's such a snappy dresser.

    1. Ha. I hope that you like him, since you're helping me color him in! That's a process. Jeepers