Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"Let's Warthog it Up!" - MIDWEEK MADNESS (Bonus)

Surprise! It's me, here on a Wednesday. Today's title comes from my wife Kaitlin. She told me yesterday that I woke her up because I said "Let's warthog it up!" in my sleep. I'm not sure what it means, but I thought it was a silly thing to say.

So yeah, a midweek post. This was a way of getting me to color something in. I figure that I won't have time to do any more good sketches this week, so I'll have to work with what I have and paint a couple of these guys so you can see them Sunday.

It's almost Finals Week, and things are as they always are during that time.
Horrible! ZING.

One last thing? The guy in the upper left hand corner of this top image is one I'd like to model in 3D sometime this Summer. I have a lotta things I want to do and that's one of them.
Okay, I'm brushing my teeth and going to bed. Have a good rest of the week (and why do almost all of characters want to face to the right!?)!


  1. The last page is my favorite. I like the ogre guy with the knife! He looks like a good character; you should work on him more! Like, color him up and make him 3D and make him animated and put him in a video game! Try to do that this weekend, K? And I love the little beardie in the bottom right corner. Looks at his skinny gams! Can I have him? Just like that tiny bat creature you gave me many years ago?

    P.S. Warthog it up! You’re my brave warrior.

    1. Yeah, I'll just program a whole game for that ogre guy this weekend, no prob! And I'm glad you like that thin beardy. He was one of my favorites, too! I'll wrap him up and put him in a box for you. Precious! Warthog it upppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!