Sunday, April 5, 2015

I Was Thinking (Has This Been a Title Before?)

I'm coming up with some clever Summer goals and I think you'll be pleased with me!
I was going to color these but it's Easter and I have stuff to do! Maybe I'll get around to it?
AH! You think I'm a liar, do you? Well here's the thing: I did color (sort of) some things from last week:

Maybe I'll actually finish coloring these in and turn them into finished pieces? LOL

I've been really struggling in my head drawing class for the last couple weeks. It felt like I was unable to see things right and get them down on paper correctly. But this week I did a couple drawings I didn't despise:

Also, some sketches I didn't hate from this week:

And then for one class we went to the museum and drew some animals. I did hate some of these, but for variety's sake they're in here:

Also, this week: SHUFFLE MADNESS! I like when improbable things happen as I shuffle through all the songs on my mp3 player. I heard Stains of Time from Metal Gear Rising and then the instrumental version, one right after the other? What are the odds of that?!!? Very slim, my friends. Very slim. Metal Gear Rising has a completely silly soundtrack, but the game succeeds perfectly at what it's trying to do (i.e. be silly). I was reading somewhere and the writer was joking about how the game's mechanics let you chop a guy's head in half after chopping it off. It's preposterous. 


  1. I love everything you do for your Rendering the Human Head class! It always makes me so proud!! And your animals look great too! Maybs someday when we have babies you can draw all sorts of animals for us to hang in the nursery! Like those cuddly bears you drew a while ago. Awwwwww! Aungai would like that.

    But I'm afraid you are the only person I know (over the age of 10) that thinks it's funny to chop someones head off and then chop it in half again. Nonania.

    1. Kaitlind! All you have to do is read youtube comments and you'll know I'm not the only juvenile human. ;)

  2. Outstanding sketches, Zach! I really like the animals, especially the rhinos. Beautiful sketches of the people, too (the real ones!). Nicely done. "I see rhinoceros!" (Quick! Name that movie!)