Sunday, June 22, 2014

66.6%: Summer Goals Recap Week the Seventh (7th)

Wayelllll... I did okay this week. I opened up "How to Draw" and looked at some stuff and read a bit but I didn't honestly put much effort in. I still did it, though. With all the work I've been doing this week perspective-wise, I should take it more seriously to make my compositions more better.
I also did some writing this week. I had this awesome idea while I was at work and I typed it up and wrote it down.
I didn't do any 3D this week, I'll try to rectify that TOMORROW!
That's 2/3 goals met, or 66.6%.
Maybe I'll get all three?

Here's some stuff from today:


  1. You wrote down your ideas!? Music to my... eyes? I love it! Will you tell me about it tonight? I'm excited to hear all about your revelations!

    1. They're mostly secret, so I'll have to whisper them into your ear.