Friday, June 20, 2014

Prepare Lunch!

That's next on my to-do list.

This was the first picture I did today, and I think I'm most pleased with it. It's like another view of that thing I posted yesterday.

I did this next. I'm having issues keeping everything detailed consistently. That big guy on the left has too much going on, I need to tighten up the bridge. I guess this was more an exercise in preparing for a finished composition than anything else, but I don't like how some things look.

This is what i have so far on this week's prompt for class, "Mask." I was going to work on it today but I worked on other things instead. I have to finish this!


  1. In reference to the first one: All will be well, Milo Thatch. Be not afraid.

    1. Oh my. You're right! I didn't even know.