Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our Future is Bright: Summer Goals Recap Week the Eighth (8th)

 THIS WEEK! I think I accomplishe oh no I didn't. I forgot to use those darn drawring books!

But I did some 3D and wrote down a cool story idea. It's seriously cool.

Here's some stuff from today. The next half of Summer starts tomorrow, so I have new classes (STUPID CLASSESSS!!!) but I want to find time to refine some of these ideas. 

That guy's wrist. Help him please

The rest is just puke, don't bother looking at the rest of this.


  1. Why? Why the spider twice times? Anyway, I did enjoy this ... or at least the top 5 entries. Very awesome stuff. I would like to see some of those characters playing poster.

    1. Ha. Whoops! The bug/alien was put twice by accident and I forgot to take it out. I would like to try making posters! I'll work on painting some of this junk today and hopefully end up with something nice.