Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Change of Plans: Summer Goals Recap Week the Fifth (5th)

I failed again. I didn't really do anything related to my Summer Goals. 
I have some plans to mix things up. I redownloaded Maya this week. I know I did this last year (probably about the same time of year, actually) but I really need to get my 3D muscles working again. So I drew this sword today:

I'm going to put it together in Maya and model it. Since I'm not getting any 3D done at school, I'm taking it into my own hands! So 3D will take the place of weekly watercolor. That's the change to my summer goals. I'll just have to work hard to incorporate more of those books into my work week.

This next one has my favorite thing: That guy at the bottom is SO FUN! Blam blam blam!


  1. I love that you make goals and I love that you're brushing up on old skills. Your favorite guy with the giant gun has squishy cheeks... and does his gun have a little skull on it? Cute.

    1. I know skulls are forbidden to wear. But they're a nice accessory on your firearms.