Monday, June 23, 2014

Put the chickens away!

I have to go put the girls back in the cage and get ready for work. Here's some things, it's not 3D, I didn't have timeeeeeeeeee. But soon. I just have a lot to do today.

The final project for class is whatever I want. So I decided to take what I'd been doing last week and push something to completion. So here's this thumb:

It was my special secret, I'd been saving it for a special occasion. Well whatever- Better make it count! Dumped stuff over it:

I expanded it to fit the required measurements (1600 x 1200 pixels) and found I was almost there anyway. I changed what I had considered buildings to cliffs because it seemed to read easier and continued refining everything. So tomorrow I'll work this some more. 

And all the rest.


  1. Zeku,

    I watched man vs. food today at my brother-in-law's house. he did the broken yolk challenge. it immediately made me think of you. personally, i think he cheated for being able to use guacamole to wash it down at the end. ugh... but yeah, i love your dedication to your work. it helps me stay motivated for my own goals and stuff. an-young....chu-wuh...but not really.

    1. I'm glad I can be helpful! And David, the Broken Yolk Challenge was one of the best/worst things I've ever done. I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemyyyyyy oh wait, yes I would. AIGO