Sunday, August 24, 2014

Back to school!

HEY! Sorry about the current state of the blog layout, it looks like puke, I know, it looked better in my mind then it does in reality. I'm gonna try to get to it this week.

School starts tomorrow! I'm excited! I'm also enraged. I had to pay for classes like 2 weeks ago or they would have been dropped. I'm STILL waiting for the online system to let me in and look at my class syllabus, materials list, etc. STUPID! Why do they force you to pay for classes when so frequently schedules change and move around? It's ridiculous! They demand money for something that just might change, then they'll have to reimburse you or you might have to pay more! I'm angry? Anyway, wish me luck. I have an art history class, and (unlike most of my peers) I don't particularly care for it. So it's a bit of a drag. 

Here's some stuff from today:

Update on this guy. Some changes, not much. Just wanted you to know I'm still working at it. His head is misshapen, I think. I hate his hair. Not sure what I'm gonna do about it.

This is what I filled up over the last couple summer months. Off to the right you can kinda see the start of some loose leaf papers, I didn't realize they didn't make it into the photo. That's my sister in the background, she wanted to participate ;)


  1. GOOD LUCK WITH SCHOOL!!!! YOU'RE GONNA DO AMAZING!!! Also, thanks for featuring me. I'm obviously making the thumbs up from The Emporer's New Groove. "Herr herr!" ;) love you!!!

  2. P.S. I like the layout. Especially the electric purple. I bet you 10 bucks dad complains about the color. (;

    1. Ugh. Do you really? I don't really like it. I think I'm just gonna do a grey and black. And thanks for the good luck wishes!

  3. The fourth picture down (middle picture) is my favorite of this segment, I think, He reminds me of Bat Boy probably just because of his ears, but I like your guy's cloak and wrinkly, sharp features. Whaddacutie.

    But that reminds me, does the library keep a record of old tabloids? If so, I need them. They bring me so much merriment! I could get lost in tears of laughter for hours with those things.

    And have fun in class today! Hopefully it just pumps you up for the exciting months ahead! You're so hard working and dedicated and driven and I am attracted to all of those things. :*

    P.S. Hi, Emma!

    1. I'm glad you like him, I'll get you his number.

      And I'm not aware of any old tabloids in the collection. You might call (801)229-7175 and ask them there.

      I'll do my best to have fun, In the classes that are online I do see a couple friends, so it should be good.