Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Just workin' on stuff

Works in progress!

This guy is coming along...

Messed up the wizard's face so it would match the next one. Still working on it...

He took out a giant or something.


  1. This is probably my very favorite post you have ever done. I LOVE ALL OF IT!! The giant man is coming along SO well! The birds!? Eeeeeeeeeeee!!! and the little guy with a fish hook? The perspective is awesome and I love that it tells a story but seems to be open to interpretation. Seriously, Zach, you get better every day. If I were Jo I'd be tearing up right now ;)

  2. I would so play a video game designed by you.

    1. Someday we might both get our wish! Ha. I have a couple ideas I have that would work BEST as a videogame, but they would probably take a lot of resources and far more know-how than I currently possess. But hopefully someday.