Thursday, August 7, 2014

BONUS: Sketchbook Complete

This song by Common Market has been stuck in my head for dayz
I finished my sketchbook last night.
That's pretty quick for me, isn't it? Let me go grab it and see when I started it... July 2nd? That's almost a month! That means I've been drawring a lot. That's good! Also Thomas did some hilarious re-imaginings of earlier stuff posted on this blog. Look over here!

Here's the last of ye olde sketchbook:

A grub and guy with a gatling gun

This guy is shooting an eye out of his eye

He's going to destroy you with HAYELL FARRRRRRR!!!!!!!


  1. I love that you linked that FF7 clip. Classy.

    1. I remember playing a demo for FFVII that a friend got from somewhere. Those summons blew my mind as a kid.

  2. Chubby grubby is a tootie. Do you hate baby talk? I do but I find myself guilty of it more and more these days. WTH?

    1. Your maternal instincts must be kicking in. You'll have a swarm of offspring before you know it!