Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bad News: Fewer Posts. Good News: More Skillz. Medium News: #YeauLeau

You guys, I have too much to do.
I think my time would be better spent drawing bodies (as in "Human bodies" and not "Corpses", although I suppose they're technically one and the same, sort of ) and mastering anatomy instead of blogging my brains out. Instead of flapping my gums I need to be working now. My Flash class is busy, I have to paint with paints, and I have to draw a million trillion bodies. I just don't have time, really. I'll try doing a few posts a week. It's also 10:17 and I'm barely awake. But I think I really mean this.
I'll just be updated less.
Oh yeah, the other thing I wanted to say was this (well, two things): This blog was started to improve my art. It has been taking too much time. I think it served a purpose in helping me realize that improving at art is really something I want and love. So that's good.
The other thing is that I feel like I'm a slave to the blog. Because of that I can't fail, because I always have to have something to post and show you. So while it started out with best intentions, I think I need to be free to make a bit more of a mess without needed to worry about you guys hating me. Not that you do. But you know. It's negative pressure to try and impress the whole world when I should be more worried about dumping all my time into practice and learning.
So I'll be around. But right now I'm going to brush my teeth and go to bed.
Tomorrow I'm going to go for a run.
Then I'm going to do some worry-free failure-laden artwork. And that's good! But the only person allowed to see is my fiance.
I'm totally rambling, what am I saying

I sum it up like this:

I love artwork and have a lot of it to do and this blog has been helpful in teaching that to me but now it's something that can be scary when I need to fail.

F.I.L.O, I'd rather do nuthin else
If I follow my heart to the last pulse
Like the last man down in the towering inferno of Babylon
First In Last Out 

I'll update again as soon as I can!
...And I'll probably have to clarify what exactly I'm trying to say next time I post. 


  1. I feel sad for my eyes but happy for your future progress.

    1. Thank you, sir. I have to get better. I just gotta. And this stuff gets in the way sometimes!

    2. I am going through Mind Dump withdraw ... I can't wait to see these betterings of yours someday

    3. Tomorrow might be your day, my friend. Tomorrow. Let's see what happens!

  2. That's right my little Zaglette, let's take a hiatus from the blogging empire. We have more important things to do than blog, like... art! I've got to create dresses and you've got to art your brains out. I think this will be liberating for us both. And because you'll be spending so much time improving your talent and skills, I bet your future posts are about to be the best ones yet!

    And I like the scene you put your little goblin in. Looks good! Looks real, real good!

    1. Art my brains out! Okay, but that means we have to do art together and I might only pay 50% attention. It's a sacrifice. But you know as well as I do that sacrifices have to be made to get the education you want, right?