Sunday, August 3, 2014

Next Week Is The WEEK!: Summer Goals Recap Week the Thirteenth (13th)

So I didn't really do any Summer Goals this week, either. But I want to do some 3D this week and write down some story stuff. And I really want to put a character into an environment, too.

Here's some stuff I worked on this week.

It's important to study anatomy, I think. His arm is weird. I guess I could use reference, too.

Did some work on the shark, but not a lot. Thought I'd throw it up here for your playsure.

This is an old sketch I'm re-tooling into something more. Frequently I won't give characters enough neck, so I'm having trouble deciding if I want to fix it or whatever. It's kind of a mess right now. But you may look.

And sorry, Thomas, I still have no "Armor" tag. I guess I could go do that now, hold on...

Okay, there. "Armoire," just as we discussed. But we know what it means.


  1. Fix your old sketch! Then put him in an environment and make him everything you want him to be!

    Shark guy looks even cooler.

    I liked your church doodlings (fondlings) but I don't remember you making the vampire guy into a werewolf? Or is he just a very hairy general?

    1. There are barely any changes to the shark! What do you see that makes you love it more cooler!? Untangle that sentence... If you can.

      Yeah, the guy transformed. I feel guilty because almost everyone I draw is bald and so sometimes I swing to far the opposite way and make them super hairy.

  2. Zag. Are you insulting my fashion eye by suggesting that I didn't notice shark man's gorgeous new bracelet? I love it, it looks really awesome actually! The shading and lighting on those pearls looks great! It makes me really want to see you draw a lovely mermaid but I know you won't because that would be too pleasant and pretty for you. Maybe you can teach me all you know and I can sketch my own fantastical mermaid.

    Also, did you do a little more shading on him? Some of his shadows seem darker.

    1. The bracelet is a placeholder, it's just to remind me not to forget to put it in there. And yes, shadows have moved around so it looks better. That was the goal, anyway.