Thursday, August 21, 2014

Finally. And sketchdump

We're finally moving along now. Ugh. I'm glad things are finally working out. I'm getting it!
Few more hours on this and I'll be good to go. I glanced at Facebook today, and saw that Diablo III has an ad with a Crusader on it, looked similar to my paladin here, they're stealing my thunder. BLIZZARD! You fiends! But the guy they had in the advertisement is wielding his mace left-handed, you'll almost never see lefties in pictures I draw.
Here's what I've got after today:

And some sketches. They're in blue pen. Richard would kill me if he knew I was doing this (in class he said something along the lines of, "What kind of an artist uses a blue pen!?"), but this darn blue pen is working well. It's a good one! I'm constantly pleased with the sketches it cranks out. These first ones are from last night...



  1. You pimped your ride! And I like it! But you're not done, right? You gotta have your name up at the top. Zach McKinlay ;)

    I like the guy in the last picture who looks like he's saying "Listen heyah, fools! Lemme show you how it's done." Is he a sorcerer?

    1. Oh. We're not done yet! I have to finish and color it. And it feels kind of generic, I might need to ramp up the crazy on everything. I was thinking about giving him green dreadlocks and a stupider mace. With fire shooting out or something?

      And yeah, that guy was like, "Hear ye, hear ye!" I imagined him as a cultist/sorcerer/villain.

  2. Nice art work. New color scheme is hard to read. Pink on grey causes headaches!

    1. I know... I'm going to fix it today. I loved it in theory but in execution it's not very nice to look at.